Finis Swim Coach Communicator

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Finis Swim Coach Communicator - unikátny prístroj pre komunikáciu trénera a plavca 

K tomu, aby on fungoval potrebujete len chytrý telefón a Appku od Finis. 


Finally, the solution coaches have been looking for – a way to speak to swimmers as they swim! The Swim Coach Communicator works by using a Bluetooth® signal from a smartphone to a receiver located on the back of the swimmer's head. The ability for coaches to be able to communicate in real-time to their swimmers will change the world of swimming. Swimmers can instantly correct their stroke technique and adjust tempo to prevent bad habits from forming during practice.


  • PATENTED BONE CONDUCTION SPEAKERS: Deliver crystal clear audio through the cheekbones to the inner ear, without the use of earbuds; Place on your temporal bones (not over your ears)
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK TO SWIMMERS: Allows coaches to provide swimmers with real-time stroke corrections, pace, splits and more
  • BLUETOOTH® AUDIO: Transmits from your smartphone to the device's receiver; Keep the receiver above the water for a successful signal
  • ALL YOU NEED IS A SMARTPHONE: Simply download the FINIS Live™ mobile application, and use the microphone to communicate with your swimmers
  • WATERPROOF IPX8: Up to 3 meters; Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 4-6 hours depending on usage and settings