Winart Water Polo Ball Size 3 WP-3 Yellow

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  • Normálna cena €23,00
Vrátane DPH.

Material: Covered special blended rubber, deep grooved channel and deep brushed finish for superior handling and characterised of perfect grip and tacky feeling in the water.

Circumference: No. 5 68,00 — 71,00 cm; No. 4 65,00 — 67,00 cm; No. 3 58,00 — 60,00 cm

Weight: Size No: 3 300 — 320 gr.

Bladder: Double ply butyl bladder for maximum air retention and rebound.
Available in size No: 5, No: 4, No: 3, for special order in size No: 1.

Recommended for:

  • outdoor and indoor pools
  • Amid all weather use. The ball meets all the technical specifications, raised by the LEN.
  • High quality match balls with extra grip, for best catching, dribbling, throwing, during the game.
  • Recommended for every ages. Excellent Match Balls.